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We are an Australian owned and operated company providing Industrial and Electrical connection solutions for over 27 years!

ETD has a proud history of providing high quality, safe and reliable products to a range of industries including Construction, Mining, Portable Power Hire, Exhibition, Lighting & Entertainment.

ETD’s professional team and expert production facility will ensure our customers receive the ultimate in quality, service and unbeatable price.


Additional Services & Standards

In House Kitting

In House Custom Kitting & Assembly

For all your assembly or kitting work requirements, ETD has a production unit very well suited to your needs. Our extensive experience in a wide variety of areas, gives us the ability to adapt our production procedures to suit your…

Distribution & Logistics

Distribution & Logistics

ETD has developed an efficient logistics and distribution system through a network of trusted partners. We offer competitively priced same day delivery to Greater Sydney and fast overnight delivery to most of Australia’s capital cities.

Testing And Certification

Testing and Certification

Certified by Department of Fair Trading and SAA Approvals Laboratories, all ETD products are designed and tested in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards to ensure safety and compliance. We also offer in-house test and tagging services for single and…

Servicing Australia's Industries

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